Amazound Samples SY-TG [KONTAKT]

Based on the SY77 and TG77 synths. One of the most opulent digital synth engine ever made. A massive repertory of synthesis parameters, almost 1000 per voice, make its unique sound. With this collection you will be able to explore its range and potential. Including a wide set of samples specially programmed for the Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler and Combinator module. All instruments are multi-sample and multi-layer at 24-bit/44.1 stereo quality. Every wav file was smoothly looped to save sample memory and loading time. More than 3.3GB of audio data including most beautiful patches sampled from the SY77 legendary synth.

Each Kontakt program has its own knob set to tweak most common parameters and effects as you can see in the picture below

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