Alexander Panos Color Transfer (Max for Live Bundle) [AMXD]

Alexander Panos Color Transfer (Max for Live Bundle) [AMXD]

Color Transfer is a bundle of 3 original Max for Live devices:

1. Timbre Resynth

— Resynthesize any sound using the timbre of any other sound in real-time: this is a never-before-seen effect yielding unlimited sonic exploration.

2. Cepstral Morph

— An esoteric morphing plugin with unique phase blending modes, variable FFT sizes, and more. Seamlessly explore the spectral canvas of any two sounds.

3. Formant Shifter

— Shift the formants of anything: whether the input is monophonic like a vocal, polyphonic like a guitar, or complex like an entire song, the Formant Shifter is suited to handle all such cases.

Color Transfer offers musicians near infinite means to splatter paint with the color of sound!

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite (or Standard with Max For Live add-on)
  • Max 8.2.2 + (bundled or standalone)
  • macOS 10.14.5 + (Apple Silicon CPU, or Intel CPU with at least 2 Cores [i7 or better recommended])
  • Windows 10 + (CPU with at least 2 Cores recommended, Intel i7 or better recommended)
  • Special builds have been included for Apple Silicon users who run Ableton Live in Rosetta mode. If you run Ableton in Rosetta, please use those builds! They are functionally identical to the originals.

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