Acustica Audio Mint 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Mint 2023 [WIN]

This new Acqua plugin suite is based on an ultra-rare solid state console (GL2112) built by a famous Swiss engineer at the end of 1970s and then fully refurbished. There are only two of these famous consoles still in existence, and we are currently the only company to have reproduced the sounds offered by this rare device in the digital domain.

Get that Hard-to-Find, Aggressive Sound from the 1970s
Mint is a suite consisting of four different plugins emulating a very rare, solid state console called GL2112 built by a talented engineer from a well-known Swiss company in the late 1970s.

Mint is the second in our new series of Boutique Collection Acqua plugins. These aim to reproduce the essence of truly unique gear: those elusive, extremely hard-to-find devices, of which very few units were ever built and/or whose traces have almost been lost in the mists of time.

The centerpiece of this project is the recreation of an iconic vintage analog console module assembled with the best elements that Swiss technology had to offer at that time. We were able to sample such an exclusive unit thanks to the invaluable contribution of Oxygen Recording Studio and of guitarist, producer and sound engineer Paride Lanciani, the current owner of this priceless piece of equipment.
What You Get

Mint includes:
Mint EQ: A 4-band EQ with bass cut, as well as a peculiar double 80-16000 Hz for the mids). 8 solid state line preamps from the 8 channels derived from the GL2112 console.

Mint Comp: A solid state compressor/limiter featuring 3 different switchable dynamic processor emulations (the original model called Comp 1; a more aggressive “Frankenstein” mode created by Acustica called Comp2; and finally, the limiter) with preamp emulation.

Mint Pre: 16 line preamplifiers, 16 mic preamplifiers and two stereo buses to recreate the same sound as the original console: a powerful, colorful sound that can be pushed to evolve into a range of distortions whose musicality is unmatched. And to make this section even more interesting, two extra preamp emulations have been added by Acustica.

Mint Channel Strip: A 4 band equalizer, a compressor/limiter with 3 different switchable modes, and a complete preamp section.

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