Acustica Audio Druma 2023 [WIN]

Acustica Audio Druma 2023 [WIN]

Acustica and the team at Improve your Mix, the number one Pro Audio portal in Italy, have joined forces with one of the best Italian mixing engineers Salvatore Addeo to create DRUMA, the perfect easy-to-use tool to instantly improve your drums to make your drum tracks sound solid, punchy and with the right balance too.

DRUMA is an easy-to-use drum processor designed to be used as a drum bus tool to refine your drum-kit and add density and life when needed, emulating Salvatore Addeo’s typical processing chain. DRUMA gives you different drum bus effects, born from over 25 years of expertise, to effortlessly deliver high-quality treatment for your drum-kit.

The four available modes/presets will give you full power over your drum tracks by allowing you to enhance them according to stylistic needs. Example: For clearing up low end and adding energy or to add the subtle of old-school recording.

Let yourself be guided by the four modes, and effortlessly achieve instant results without having to spend time and energy searching for the ‘miraculous’ sound. Furthermore, even on individual elements of the drum kit, Druma’s presets have yielded impressive results.If you have the necessary skills, you could achieve similar results by combining EQ, compression, saturation, and more, but Druma saves you that trouble and offers you a single tool that can do it all, where ease and speed of use are important.

Key Features:

  • Created with Multi Platinum Winning Engineer Salvatore Addeo
  • Give any drum track solid, punchy sound and right balance too
  • The MIX knob combines complex EQ, compression, saturation chains and more
  • Four different modes /presets
  • Ideal for any acoustic drum tracks (Pop, RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Trap, Urban etc.).
  • Analog tones from a prestigious studio, boasting a British console sound
  • Easy to use
  • Low computer load

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