Aaroh Winds of India WAV

Aaroh Winds of India WAV

Winds of India features the bansuri, shehnai, and algoza – three popular woodwind instruments from India – played in various styles and different ragas (musical modes) including the more common major and minor scales.

The bansuri is an ancient side blown bamboo flute that captivates its listeners through its earthy, rich, vibrant tone. Renowned for its rich and haunting melodies, the sound of the shehnai is thought to create and maintain a sense of auspiciousness. It’s a double-reed wind instrument most common in folk music and wedding ceremonies but is also showcased in Indian classical concerts. The Algoza is a folk wind instrument which consists of a pair of flutes – one for melody and the other for drone and is played by placing three fingers on each side.

This pack was produced by Dhruv Goel, a Los Angeles-based composer and music producer who’s composed for award-winning films and television shows, as well as the Grammy nominated album ‘Shuruaat’.

175 Samples

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