50 Ways To Make Money As A Musician TUTORIAL

50 Ways To Make Money As A Musician [TUTORIAL]

This course is aimed at anyone who is working in Music Industry for years or for new aspiring Musicians who really wanted to create revenue from Music. Here we discuss upon all the possible revenue streams which can be accessed by any musicians based on their interest and passion . So after completing each lecture in its order, you guys will get a comprehensive idea about what all option you have as a musician to explore.

Comparing with the earlier days of Music Business, now a days Music production / distribution / Experience ….etc everything most probably happens via online platforms. This opens up a multitude of options for musicians to explore. Earlier days, music business worked more or less like a straight, transparent , linear fashion but right now with digital technology everything happens in multiple dimensions in parallel, complex fashion. So ultimately if you guys know what all options are there in terms of revenue creation from Music, You can make use of it in the most efficient way.

This course is created after an extensive research on all the aspects of the music Industry. The research includes a lot of one to one interactions with Music Teachers/Musicians/Producers/Record Owners…etc. So all the aspects which we discuss here are based on proven concepts and strategies. So you people can take it and execute it without a second thought.

While creating this course my idea was to bring out all the possible revenue options a musician can have in the most effective way. So i tried to make the course as short as possible to make it very straight forward and precise. i personally believe that actions are more important than words . So after completing this course please try to execute the ideas as soon as possible according to your requirement.

I have structured the content into 5 different sections. It consists of 50 different but related money making options a musician can explore


  • part 1 – Creating Music
  • Part 2 – Associate/Assistant
  • part 3 – Selling/Renting
  • part 4 – Performance
  • part 5 – Teaching Music

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